growing your affiliate network


Simply put, an affiliate is a connection between an organization and individuals who provide services to that organization, for example web development, online marketing, and sales leads. There are countless activities an affiliate network may facilitate, and depending on the size and scope of the organization, an affiliate network may include thousands of individual members. Affiliate network marketing emerged as a tool for generating and following up on leads in the early 2000s. The method was an instant hit, and over the years, has grown to become a reputable way for people to earn while working with a sense of independence and “being their own boss”.

Simply put, an affiliate network is a connection between 3 parties; where the first is an organization wanting to market its products or services; the second is an individual that promotes the company; and the third is the consumer. Smaller businesses that do not have the dedicated resources to market their offerings to a wide range of customers form a large chunk of the affiliate network marketing business. This allows them to concentrate on improving their products and services, while their affiliates use their individual business acumen to help drive sales and meet growth requirements.

How it Works:

Thanks to rapid advances in the world of information technology, and the widespread use of the internet, it is no longer an uphill task to maintain an affiliate network list. Affiliate marketing counts on one of the sweetest delights known to man: a cookie. While this isn’t a traditional cookie we are talking about, technology’s version of the cookie allows web browsers to store information based on user preferences – for example shopping choices. Affiliate marketing counts on these cookies to provide information about the time and date, as well as the content a user has viewed or opened. This in turn allows the publisher or middle man in the affiliate network relationship to get a realistic feel of the market. It also allows them to trace back a potential customer’s steps and actions that landed them on a particular product.

Range of Services:

An affiliate network can be created based on the exchange of innumerable services and products, including:
– Technical Services:
This is one of the most important parts of an affiliate network and may include services such as web design, information management, data analysis, etc.

– Keeping Track of Sales:
Another important aspect made easy by the use of an affiliate network list is access to a pool of potential customers and affiliates, lead conversion, sales generation, and commissions tracking.

– Affiliate Management Services:
This includes recruitment, reporting tools, single point access for multiple merchants, third party tracking, merchandising, and supply chain management.

What an Affiliate Marketing Network Can Do For You:

If you are a business owners and want to get those sales figures up, affiliate marketing may be the perfect choice for you. In addition to opening up access to potential clients nationwide, having access to affiliate network marketing services also has the following benefits:

1. Solid Lead Generation:
By accessing an affiliate network directory, your affiliates will be able to generate solid leads which translate into a higher conversion rate from marketing to sales.

2. Establish Your Brand:
Affiliate marketing is also a powerful way to spread the word about your company and build a positive brand image among the online community.

3. Single Point Management:
By opening up an affiliate program, you do not have to worry about micromanaging all of your company’s marketing moves. Instead, your affiliates will do everything from creating a virtual marketing strategy to social media management and improved search engine rankings.

4. Effective Cost Control:
The biggest advantage of an affiliate network is undoubtedly its cost effectiveness. Most affiliates are willing up to sign for free; and get a percentage of the sales they post. Through real time tracking of sales, your business can effectively manage expenditures and spend at places which give you results.


In conclusion, having access to an affiliate social network is an excellent way to boost sales without having to invest too much time or money on marketing your products by yourself. From social media management to web development, your affiliate network can professionally handle all of your virtual marketing needs and help you post profits. As the world of business continues to evolve and adopts more and more information technology based solutions, affiliate network marketing presents itself as the next logical step in reaching consumers and clients in a cost-effective and timely manner.